Contract for difference(CFD) is a contract that reflects the performance of the underlying index futures with the profit or loss calculated as the difference between the purchase price and the sale price.
APEX’s range of CFDs includes Spot Metals(Gold and Silver etc.), Energy(Brent, Crude Oil, Natural Gas etc.) and Commodity Futures(Coffee, corn, Sugar etc.). We also offer World indices contract such as China A50, CSI300, CAC40, DAX30, FTSE100, Hand Seng, Nasdaq100, and S&P 500.

There is no financing charge if your position remains open at the end of the trading session


Spots Variable

APEX offers spot metal contracts such as gold and silver.
*It is different from the gold and silver futures on the CME.


World Indices

Asian indices such as China A50, Hang Seng, MSCI Singapore Index, Tokyo Stock Price Index 100 and European indices such as AEX, CAC40, DAX30, FTSE100 are available for trading.


Futures Major

In addition to energy futures such as Brent oil and Crude Oil, commodities such as corn, sugar and wheat, you can trade major U.S. stock markets such as Dow Jones 30, Nasdaq100, and S&P 500.

For more accurate product verification, please log in via MT4 and SIRIX platform. (We are currently preparing Bitcoin and stock CFD contracts.)

FTA(Futures Trading Account)

The example of Futures CFD Margin

Energy & Agricul
SymbolMargin per 1LotExample(20/01/2020)
BRNT(Brent Crud Oil)Current Price * 40 (USD)2,646.8 USD
CL(WTI CrudeOil)Current Price * 10 (USD)591.2 USD
COFF(Coffee)Current Price * 15 (USD)1,680 USD
COPP(Copper)Current Price * 10 (USD)25.87 USD
NGAS(Natural Gas)Current Price * 400 (USD)762.8 USD
SUG(Sugar)Current Price * 44.8 (USD)647.36 USD


US Markets
SymbolMargin per 1LotExample(20/01/2020)
CORN(Corn)Current Price * 2 (USD)778 USD
NSDQ(Nasdaq 100)Current Price * 0.2 (USD)1.836 USD
SP(S&P 500)Current Price * 0.5 (USD)1,663.12 USD
WHEAT(Wheat)Current Price * 2 (USD)1,141.5 USD


World Indices
SymbolMargin per 1LotExample(20/01/2020)
A50(China A50 Future)Current Price * 0.04 (USD)577.88 USD
AEX(Amsterdam 25)Current Price * 8 (EUR)4,878.6 EUR
CSI300(Shanghai Shenzhen CSI 300)Current Price * 4 (CNY)16,738.36 CNY
EBUND(EUR Bund 10Y)Current Price * 4 (EUR)683.2 EUR
HANG(Han Seng Index)Current Price * 0.5 (HKD)14,456.75 HKD
IBEX(IBEX Iberia Index 35)Current Price * 0.4 (EUR)3,873 EUR
JSE(Johannesburg Stock Exchange)Current Price * 0.04 (RAND)2,118.94 RAND
MSCIS(MSCI Singapore Index SGD)Current Price * 8 (SGD)2,978.4 SGD
RUSS(RUSSEL 2000 Index)Current Price * 4 (USD)6,800 USD
TADAWUL(Tadawul Index)Current Price * 0.4 (USD)3,379.96 USD
TOPIX(Tokyo Stock Price Index)Current Price * 40 (JPY)69,720 JPY
TVIX(VelocityShares Daily Index)Current Price * 40 (USD)1,559.2 USD
USNDX(US Dollar Index)Current Price * 40 (USD)3,891.6 USD
VIX(CBOE Market Volatility Index)Current Price * 40 (USD)478 USD

*Other currencies other than US Dollars will be changed to US dollars in MT4, Sirix