Meta Trader 4

MetaTrader 4 is the industry-leading trading platform for dealing with international financial markets with a complete solution to run your business operations and to provide world-class online brokerage services. Combining a user interface with a feature-rich environment. MT4 provides everything a trader needs to analyse charts, place orders and manage their positions. Clients have one of the most powerful combinations of trading tools in the online financial markets.

Through MT4 you can create your own personal workplace, whether you are trading crypto currency, forex, CFDs or Futures Contracts. Fully equipped with both back-office reporting functions and front-end terminals, this trading platform gives you access to the most essential tools and resources needed to analyze the market and to start trading. The MT4 is the answer to your needs; it’s fast and effective, user friendly and flexible and it has been tested worldwide and chosen as a favorite amongst traders and institutions.


How to Install Windows MT4

1. Download the MT4 Terminal MT4 Download
2. Install (Run) the “absoluteprofitex4setup.exe ” file after the download has completed
3. After launching the MT4 File program for the first time, you can see the AbsoluteProfitex logo in screen
4. Enter your Live or Demo account MT4 number and password


How to Install Mobile MT4

1. Click the MT4 Download Link(Android, IOS)
2. Please install the app on your mobile device
3. After installation, run the app & go to Menu – Account Management – Log in with existing ID – Search for server (AbsoluteProfitEX-Primary)
4. Enter your real account ID / PW and login to start the trading