When you are making your deposit, please keep the following points in mind: No third party payments will be accepted.

In order to process your deposit, Absolute Profit EX requires a color copy of both the front and back side of your card. For security purposes we recommend that you cover all digits except the last 4 on the front side of the card. Please also cover the last 3 digits on the back side of your card (we do not require the CVV code). All other details must be clear and visible and your card must be signed.

Absolute Profit EX will accept card transactions in EUR and USD only. All card transactions performed in a different currency will be automatically converted to EUR or USD and the card processor may charge you a conversion fee.

The card processor will charge the receiving party a fee for each transaction, which is incurred by Absolute Profit EX clients. The net amount will be posted to your trading account, which was funded through the card processor.

If the deposit is successful it will be posted to your trading account shortly. There might be a delay if the card processor or Absolute Profit EX is unable to verify your information.

The initial deposit amount must be sent back to the same card from which we received your funds.

You may be required to provide us with your card statement or a screenshot of your bank statement from your online banking, showing the transaction to Absolute Profit EX.

All our requirements regarding your card details are always sent through official Absolute Profit EX email addresses. We will never request any secret card details (CVV, 3D secure code, etc.). If you receive any suspicious requests from a suspicious or unauthorized email address please contact us at:


Privacy Statement

We do not sell users personal information, regardless of whether you are an active or former client, a registered user or a visitor of the web site. However, we reserve the right to disclose personal information in specific circumstances, as required or permitted by law. In some limited circumstances, we may disclose personal information about user to a company, with which we have a marketing program. The information shared is limited to users name and contact information. All other information is never disclosed.


Fraudulent activities and prohibited transaction

Recording a trade on MetaTrader 4 does not mean the complete performance of the trade at the bank. Some Clients, by running illegal Expert Advisers, conduct some unsubstantiated and fake trades and they misuse the brokers’ favor in not sending error for the real price in order to generate false profit for themselves; it is recognizable by different ways and includes various methods which the Company will elaborate thoroughly if necessary. All the suchlike deeds classified in this segment are illegal; in case of observing, financial bonds with the Client will be ceased and the source of his/her first investment (before doing this fake action) will be returned to any account by means of which he/she has done the charging process.


Return/Refund policy

Refunds are available for only the account had been deposited into, but no orders were executed by the client. Otherwise, there will be No refund. All other requests will be treated as WITHDRAWALS.


If you have any questions about these terms of use you may contact me at